The Deadly Blank Story


"We are a band born for the stage, driven by love, exhilarated by the embrace of a new audience. We are constant energy; a tornado in a circus; go go go until we're gone. A band of survivors, we live to elevate every moment. We are the DEADLY BLANK."


Chapter 1: Before They Were Blank


Before they were the Deadly Blank, they were kids growing up minutes apart in Hialeah (Pronounced HIGH-UH-LEE-UH), Florida, who both dreamed of mostly three things: girls, rock & roll, and getting girls with rock & roll. Craig Rittenhouse and Eric Sanchez met in middle school, dated the same girl (for a while at the same time), ran in the same circles from different high schools, and then worked in the same video store (though not at the same time). They were further bonded by their musical aspirations, fostered at a young age, when they would sit by each other in class and speculate about the day they would be rock stars.


By the time they teamed up, each had taken steps to fulfill their childhood dreams: Craig, as the bass player and vocalist for alt-punk rockers Cool Hand Joe, had gigged all over South Florida and been produced for a short time by a pair of local icons. Eric, a budding virtuoso on guitar, had been the featured star of his high school band, developed a pretty good Hendrix tribute act, and was shredding jazz licks for the local university. Together with drummer Andres Abreu, they formed a psychedelic rock/fusion jazz mash-up whose perpetual indecision on a name paled by comparison to their inability to be physically-able at the same time. Within the oft-interrupted, four-year run of the Great Glass Elevator/Letters of Marque, sporting accidents would lead to a complete makeover of the left-side of Craig’s face (Titanium now) and one of Eric’s fingers (Titanium, too), while Andres would eventually leave land behind to entertain cruisers for Royal Caribbean. Unable to stay together or out of the hospital long enough to make any progress, the project was abandoned, and Craig and Eric’s musical directions went their separate ways.


Fast-forward four years, and Eric recruits Craig and Andres to make a record with another band whose name would fluctuate, We Are the Empty/ The Empty/ Paper Treason/ Petty Crux. After extensive writing and pre-production, the eponymous album was completed in under a week, featuring 10-tracks of high quality, mid-aughts British-style pop rock. The lineup performing on the album consisted of Andres on drums, Craig on bass, and Eric on lead guitar, accompanied by a pair of long-time friends and band mates at singer and rhythm guitar. A short run of successful shows, including a contest win versus well-established acts, weren’t enough to resolve the stark philosophical differences that slowly dissolved the act. Andres quit first, followed by Craig, but Eric held out, determined to see the project through. His loyalty was grossly unrewarded by his remaining band mates, who ran away to the West Coast with the album and attempted to shop it as entirely their own, an effort which failed.


The end to the constant dissension that had defined the Empty/Paper Treason experience proved liberating for old friends Craig, Eric and Andres. The trio continued to jam on occasion when not consumed by their new musical endeavors, which included Eric and Andres recording studio tracks for several successful Latin artists and spending time away on tour as roadies. After accepting an opportunity to record a demo with an accomplished local producer, Steve Gordon, Eric enlisted his longtime collaborators Craig and Andres to help him write and record the songs that would inspire the birth of the Deadly Blank.


Chapter 2 (Coming Soon)


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