It's been long overdue, but now here it is:

the full podcast of our guest appearance/live performance 9/9/16 on the Imaginary Radio Program with hosts Robby Robb, Captain Dapper and Ralph, Prince of Africa.

TDB Highlights include:

An admission of guilt from a human trafficker

We introduce ourselves 4:00

Most inspirational bank fraud: Office Space or Superman 3? 10:50

Craig hitting his nerd ceiling during Trek talk 21:00

A discussion about Eric's pubes 40:00

Acoustic "Lucky" 46:30

An ill-fated attempt at acoustic "Collected"

Eric and Robbie engage in serious negotiating 

A better try at "Pick It Up" on the acoustic at 1:32:00


Fear Boners & Porn Mimes everywhere


See you tomorrow at the Culture Room!



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