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On yesterday's edition of the Imaginary Radio Network, Craig joined hosts Robby Robb, Captain Dapper and Rob the Rum Guy to help them solve several important mysteries, including who killed Bill, if Apple is building an ark, and why Elon kick-started the apocalypse.

You can check it out here:

TONIGHT! Join us to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Local Love Live with a humpday soundbang by yours truly, plus the premiere of the new video from Dyslexic Postcards and a set from Zen Per Capita.

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Check out this month's issue of Purehoney Magazine for an article on Shake 108 FM and the Local Love Live 1st anniversary party 2/15 at KYI with us and Dyslexic Postcards +PLUS+ check out the Free Sound . You might get Lucky

 Hello 2017!

  Click on the image above to check out our full-length interview with Todd McFliker in this month's issue of SFL Music Magazine, available online (Our stuff begins on Page 16). We give a few shout-outs and tell a few tales, including the oft-requested esoteric meaning behind our band name   

TONIGHT, we celebrate Eric's birthday with a #soundbang at #KreepyTikiBar

TONIGHT We rock the Cheap Miami Records showcase at Kill Your Idol (222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach) with Octo Gatos.

No Cover - Show starts at 11PM

 Our band's beloved theme song Lucky is the 'Song of the Day' on Check them out, and play it loud!!! The man behind Songshooter, Billy Thin, asked us to share the story behind the song, which we did:


Rock In Peace

We Came (on short notice), We Saw (only half of the stage for us), and We Conquered (as is tradition) #VeniVidiViciVerga

Much love to Fritz from Rock Power Management and to Rory from Culture Room for getting us on and through the gig. Sloppy, inappropriate hugs and kisses to everyone who came out to see us, respect to Cowboy Mouth for putting on a great show, and grabby butt slaps to all of the CM fans who danced, shouted us out and starting following us on social mierdia.

Enjoy some documented evidence that this show wasn't a dream, fabrication, or alibi to an unspeakable crime:

Photo credits, from top: Missy Bierley, Jonathan Espinosa and Rocio Polanco

Tonight, we open for New Orleans' rockers Cowboy Mouth at the Culture Room! Check out the video for their song Jenny Says! WE'RE STOKED!!!

Facebook Event Page

We start the show at 7:30pm sharp so, if you're coming to the show to see us, DON'T BE LATE!!!

It's been long overdue, but here it is:

the full podcast of our guest appearance/live performance 9/9/16 on the Imaginary Radio Program with hosts Robby Robb, Captain Dapper and Ralph, Prince of Africa.

TDB Highlights include:

An admission of guilt from a human trafficker

We introduce ourselves 4:00

Most inspirational bank fraud: Office Space or Superman 3? 10:50

Craig hitting his nerd ceiling during Trek talk 21:00

A discussion about Eric's pubes 40:00

Acoustic "Lucky" 46:30

An ill-fated attempt at acoustic "Collected"

Eric and Robbie engage in serious negotiating 

A better try at "Pick It Up" on the acoustic at 1:32:00


Fear Boners & Porn Mimes everywhere


See you tomorrow at the Culture Room!



Another NFL season is upon us, bringing with it the promise of more disappointment and shame for Miami Dolphins' athletic supporters like me. The outlook might not be good, but there are still reasons to get hyped, Dolfans:

1. The 1972 Perfect Season: Never Forget

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Falseta vs. the Deadly Blank, to the death!

We had a great time today hanging with our friends from Falseta, Humbert and State of Solitude. This is what a real Battle of Bands looks like! #makelovenotwar #gamerlife #clashofbands #teaser #onlythebeginning #moretocome #madeinhialeah #hialeahkicksass #Falseta #TheDeadlyBlank #trickytowers #ps4

[Pictured counter-clockwise from top left: Romulo Bernal and Vishnu Saiz of Falseta, Craig & Eric of TDB]

Photo by Missy Bierley


Tonight(Friday), we'll be hanging out and performing live on the Imaginary Radio Network w/ host Robby Robb from 6pm to 8pm.
The show will alternate between awesome and hilarious when not both (hilawerisome), and dangerously be streaming live via Facebook Video at

F/B Event Page:

[Original photos copied from Alex's Facebook page and were uncredited. If you know who took them, please let me know so that I can give proper due to the work that I corrupted with clip art]

The 37th Years of Churchill's 5-Day Party has come and gone. In summation, it was awesome. Special thanks to Ian for the gig, Aimee from Shake 108 for the 15 seconds of fame, Roms for the flawless fill-in, and big ups to Wallace, Cog Nomen, Pocket of Lollipops, Talking Dogs, Juke, almost-naked DJ, dildo-accessory DJ from Atlanta and all of the other great bands who played! We're already looking forward to the next one! Cheers!

Large photo and top left insert by Amy Lopez. Flyer at middle-left is one by Churchill's modded by Craig. Photo insert at bottom left by Missy Bierley. Thanks as always, ladies :)

Posted on Reddit by EthanWaghorn. Link:

[Thanks to 'Birthday Boy' Beatle for passing this over]

It's crazy to think that it's been 20 years since I played my first show at Churchill's Pub with Cool Hand Joe as a growing sperm (Thanks again for that gig, Dave Daniels), and that the Pub and I are the same age, but time flies when you're having fun. Tonight we celebrate these milestones together at 8:40pm in the main room #37yearsofchurchills

[Photo Below: Cool Hand Joe in 1996. Pictured from left: Norman Villanueva, Romulo Bernal & Craig Rittenhouse}


Stranger Things streams exclusively on Netflix. End of free, but very-deserved promo.

We mostly dig the original stuff on Cartoon Network, but a show based on Dan Clowe's Unca Granpa from Cracked Magazine (instead of...well...this) could have been a classic.

"Yh, rbltn"

Yes, indeed!

(This is clearly not his, um, 'best' work, but it's the best image I could find. What matters is that my Unca Granpa would eat your Uncle Grandpa)

To the left, to the left


That's sexy Ferny Coipel of Hialeah Kicks Ass and Humbert in the middle with Pirate Eric on the right, using his finger and mean mug to sternly advise you to never search for his treasure.

Original Photo taken on 7/5/2013 by Iron Clover Photography.


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