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 The DEADLY BLANK is an original alternative rock band from Miami, FL. Their sound is rock & roll played hard, played fast, and played free. A powerful trio featuring Eric Sanchez on guitar, Alex Ibanez on drums, and Craig Rittenhouse on bass & vocals, the DEADLY BLANK is a tasty blend of the new and the timeless, combining non-stop beats with the fuzzy guitar tones of the 60s British Invasion. Since their electric debut in February 2011 to a packed house at Miami's legendary Tobacco Road, the band has elevated over a hundred shows, and their performances have been celebrated as "pure, awesome bliss", "the real deal" and "a downhill shopping cart race". Their latest album, the Deadly Blank 2, released in February 2016 and is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon Music, the Google Play Store and more.

"We are a band born for the stage, driven by love, exhilarated by the embrace of a new audience. We are constant energy; a tornado in a circus; go go go until we're gone. A band of survivors, we live to elevate every moment. We are the DEADLY BLANK."


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Chapter 1: Before They Were Blank

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